You Need to Start Looking at Your Vulva With a Mirror


Have you ever used a mirror to see what your vulva looks like? It's time you got to know your unique shape and color and familiarized yourself with your most intimate parts.

woman mirror

Have you ever used a mirror to see what your vulva looks like?

Some of us shy away from this because we’re worried about what we’ll see. Others shy away from this because they feel like they’re doing something wrong. Neither of these fears should keep us from discovering this part of ourselves.

Get to know your unique shape and color, and familiarize yourself with your most intimate parts. If you don't know what your vulva looks like when it's healthy, how will you be able to tell when there is something wrong?

Illustration for Mauj by Lynne Zakhour @lynne.on.paper

Here are five reasons to start looking at your vulva with a mirror – asap. 

1. Self-love

Observing and discovering your vulva with appreciation is more powerful than you think and can start to mend the connection between yourself and your body.

2. Acceptance

The media and porn expose us to a very limited range of vulvas, many of which are retouched or have undergone surgery to look the way they do. This exercise helps you accept your body by familiarizing yourself with how your own vulva looks.

3. Sexual confidence

A common insecurity around sex is what our vulva looks and smells like. You can begin to overcome that by spending some time looking at your vulva. This will help normalize it for you and can hopefully start to make you see it for the wonderful, magical landscape that it is.

4. Health

Do you know what a healthy vulva looks like? Do you know what your healthy vulva looks like? How would you notice a rash, a redness, or a lump if you didn’t look? Looking at your vulva is important for your health and can provide early warning signs that something is wrong.

5. Pleasure

Looking at your vulva and understanding its anatomy is key for expanding your understanding of pleasure. It will also help you communicate better in bed with a partner.

Happy exploring!

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