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As Arab women, we’ve been told that our bodies are a source of shame and that our sexuality and pleasure are off limits to us.

In reality, nothing about our sexual and reproductive health should be shameful, come as a surprise or mystery, or feel like total misery.

That’s why we created Mauj, the first sexual and menstrual wellness brand by and for Arab women.

Mauj exists to de-stigmatize the conversation around women’s bodies in the Arab world, and to make the experience of learning about and discovering our bodies, sexuality, and pleasure as shame-free, easy, and celebratory as possible.

It was time we flipped the narrative.




Arabic word for ‘shame’. It is often used to impose a set of socially-mandated behaviours and expectations.




Arabic word for “normal” – because that’s what our bodies and sexuality are: normal, but also incredible.

Who we are

Mauj was started by two Arab women who grew up in different parts of the Middle East but experienced the same frustrations and fears around their bodies and sexuality (hi, that’s us!). In fact, the more women we spoke to, the more we realized that we were not alone.

Tired of the misinformation, shame, and stigma surrounding the female body, we decided it was finally time to change how we, as women, learned – and spoke – about ourselves.

Today, the Mauj team is spread out across the world and is made up of incredible Arab women from different countries and walks of life who share the same passion for turning the tide.

How we do it


Think of this as the sexual education we wish we received. Our content is bilingual, culturally conscious, and sex positive.


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Together with women, we're creating safer spaces for us to share our stories and experiences, connect with and learn from each other, and change the narrative.


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We’ve designed our products to help you explore your body, solo or otherwise. Whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned explorer, this is for you.


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