How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam


When breast cancer is detected early on, this significantly increases chances of survival, and one of the best ways to do this is to scan your breasts for lumps or changes on a monthly basis.


We believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to taking charge of our own health.

By familiarizing yourself with your body, you become your own first line of defense against potential concerns, allowing for timely medical intervention if needed.

Today, we invite you on a journey of self-discovery and self-care as we guide you through the steps of conducting a breast exam.

These are ideally conducted seven to ten days after the start of your period and in the shower, as the water allows your fingers to glide against your skin and detect changes in your breasts more easily.

breast examination diagram

  1. Raise one arm and place it behind your head. With your other hand, apply firm pressure on your opposing breast using your first three fingers.
  2. Check your breast in a circle, then up and down.
  3. Pinch the nipple (gently) to check for discharge, bleeding, or pain.
  4. Be aware of any changes to your skin texture, like dimpling or puckering.
  5. Check for nipple inversion, change in direction, nipple rash, or crusting.
  6. Feel for changes in size or shape. Check for swelling or lumps.


You are the expert when it comes to your body. The more familiar you are with it, the more likely you are to detect issues early on and play an active role in your own health.

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