4 Ways Self-Pleasure Enhances Your Sex Life with a Partner


Self-pleasure may hold the key to better, more fulfilling sexual experiences with a partner. Here’s how.

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We’re firm believers that self-love and self-pleasure are crucial steps on our journey to reclaiming our bodies and our sexuality. Plus, there’s a delightful bonus—self-pleasure could very well be the secret to enriching our relationship with our partners. Here are four reasons why this is true.

  1. Self-pleasure helps you, and your partner, know your bodies better.

When you explore your body without pressure, you discover what you like and don’t like, which in turn enhances your ability to communicate those preferences to your partner.

Instead of leaving them to wonder if what they’re doing is working and adding a layer of pressure on them, you can confidently guide each other towards mutual satisfaction.

  1. Self-pleasure boosts your confidence.

Speaking of confidence, knowing your own body and what pleases you will make it a lot easier for you to enjoy sex more openly and fully. Confidence also makes you irresistibly attractive!

  1. Self-pleasure leads to more satisfying orgasms with a partner.

You can count on having better, more frequent orgasms with a partner if you already know how to give yourself one! Self-pleasure allows you to understand your own arousal patterns and what helps you reach orgasm easier.

  1. The journey of self-pleasure, when shared, can deepen your connection.

Self-pleasure is a very personal and intimate journey; one that may have begun early for some and more recently for others. Discussing this journey with your partner opens up a valuable dialogue about sexuality and self-awareness, which can significantly strengthen your emotional and physical connection. 

A Final Note

We respect every woman's right and choice regarding self-pleasure. If you choose not to engage in it, we still encourage you to learn about your body—the most common erogenous zones, where your clitoris is located, how orgasms typically feel—and use that knowledge to get all the benefits mentioned above. Happy exploring!

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