Why a “Tight” Vagina Does Not Mean Better Sex

The notion that a tight vagina equates to better sex is a fallacy centered around prioritizing male pleasure and the obsession with virginity. But the truth is that this myth goes against the natural ways women’s bodies experience pleasure.

4 Ways the Virginity Myth Is Harming Us

In the Arab world, we grow up learning that a woman's virtue is inextricably linked to her virginity, and that the family honor rests on her shoulders – or, more precisely, between her legs.

How Do I Know If I’m a Virgin? 

If you find yourself wondering if you’re a virgin or not, we’re here to tell you that only you can determine that for yourself. You are the one who defines what sex means to you, what your first time entails, and whether or not the term virginity works for you at all.

8 Facts You Need to Know about the Hymen

There is arguably no part of the human body that carries as much significance as the hymen. In some communities, it can literally be a matter of life and death. And yet, our perception and understanding of it are often very far from reality.

It's Time to Unlearn What We've Been Taught About Sex

In our part of the world, a young woman’s understanding of sex before marriage is either minimal or negative. Or both. In an attempt to protect us, the lack of conversation and education around sex ends up leaving women in the dark, extremely unprepared for sexual relationships and oftentimes fearing them.