It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Mauj was created by a group of Arab women (hi, that’s us!) who were tired of the misinformation, shame, and stigma surrounding the female body. We decided it was finally time to change how we learned – and spoke – about ourselves.

That’s how Mauj was born, somewhere between Jeddah, Beirut, Dubai, and Cairo out of a first-hand need for more education, information, dialogue, and acceptance in a region where we are policed at every marker of womanhood.

We believe that nothing about our sexual and reproductive health should come as a surprise,  a mystery, or a total misery.

Indeed, the more we know about something, the less we fear it, and the less taboo it becomes. Our goal, ultimately, is to de-stigmatize the conversation around women's bodies in the Arab world and, in doing so, normalize sexual and reproductive health and enable women to make informed decisions for themselves.

So here’s what you can expect from us.

Science-backed resources

Our in-depth guides, which you can browse under the Learn tab of the website, are essentially the sex ed we wish we got but never received. They offer a new way to learn about your body, cycle, self, and sex that is culturally empathetic, generationally relevant, and created just for you.

Mauj’s interactive guides will be released on a monthly basis. Bookmark them, share them, and treat them as a resource you can keep coming back to, again and again, on your journey.

Expert advice

You can trust that the advice you receive from Mauj has been created with or vetted by our community of experts.

Mauj’s advisors include activists, gynecologists, sexologists, relationship therapists, and other medical professionals.

You can also expect more interactive sessions with these experts in the future, both through our website and our Instagram account.

Intimate products

Learning about our bodies, cycles, self, and sex is only part of the journey. The other part is exploration and discovery.

Mauj strives to provide women with the tools they need to do just that, on their own terms and in their own time.

Our first product is the mighty Deem. Designed to be discreet and fit in the palm of your hand, it is an invitation to discover your body and what brings you pleasure.

Stay tuned for more products launching soon.

A safe space

Mauj was created for curious newcomers and wise trailblazers alike. It’s a judgement-free space for women to learn about, explore, and discuss their sexual and reproductive health, wherever they are on their journey.

With that in mind, and through our Hakawatiyya series, we are offering women a space to share their stories anonymously to help paint a more holistic view of what it’s like to be a woman in the Arab world.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing these stories in the hopes that they stir something inside of all of us, be it the realization that we are not alone, the compassion that so many deserve, or the courage to come forward with your own story.

Mauj means “waves” in Arabic.

Our name was inspired by infradian rhythms —  a period longer than 24 hours per cycle —  which govern both the female body and menstrual cycle and the powerful ocean tides.

Mauj connotes waves of movement, waves of pleasure, waves of women coming together to drive change and turn the tide.

If you’d like to share some thoughts or feedback, ask us a question, or collaborate with us, we’d love to hear from you.